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Seller Agreement

Article 1 Condition

  • All products or services must have a branding, quality and validity.
  • All products are requires legally in force of the Kingdom of Cambodia and internationally.
  • Seller must deliver on time and secure the product or service ordered by the customer to avoid disputes.
  • Seller must accept any refunds from customers caused by shipping errors, bad product quality and customer service.


Article 2 Duty

  • Emallcambodia has the rights to inspect all products, services and brands of the Seller before being displayed on the eMallCambodia website and APP.
  • Emallcambodia will temporarily retain Seller's payment after the customer's payment until the customer receives the goods or services.
  • Emallcambodia will transfer payment to Seller in case of satisfied customer or within 3 days if there is no problem with customer.
  • Emallcambodia has the rights to refund within 24 hours after the customer's request if there is no solution from Seller.


Article 3 Termination of contract

  • Emallcambodia reserves the rights to delete all of Seller's data contained on if the Seller stops using service on the Website.
  • Emallcambodia has the rights to terminate the contract with Seller if Seller has violated any policy in this Agreement.